Mexican American/ Latino Authors (Fiction)

With Book Titles and Summaries


 Alcalá, Kathleen
Spirits of the ordinary : a tale of Casas Grandes: Set in northern Mexico, a family struggles to stay together while its members search for identity and meaning during a period of social and political upheaval and turmoil.


Allende, Isabel

The House of Spirits:  Follows the Trueba family from the early 1900s till the overthrow of the Allende government.

Altman, Linda
Amelia's road: Tired of moving around so much, Amelia, the daughter of migrant farm workers, dreams of a stable home.

Alvarez, Julia
How the Garcia girls lost their accents: The story of the Garcia families adjustment to life in the United States.

In the name of Salomé : a novel: A novel based on the life of Profesora Camila Henríquez-Ureña, a teacher whose mother was Salomé Ureña, famous nineteenth-century political poet from the Dominican Republic.

In the time of the butterflies: Gives a fictionalized account of four sisters in the Dominican Republic under the dictatorship of General Trujillo.


Anaya, Rudolfo
Bless me, Ultima: Novel of life in the American Southwest for a Chicano family.

My land sings : stories from the Rio Grande: A collection of ten original and traditional stories set in New Mexico, including "Lupe and la Llorona," "The Shepherd Who Knew the Language of Animals," and "Coyote and Raven."

Heart of Aztlan : a novel: Portrays life in an Albuquerque barrio in postwar New Mexico where urban and rural, political and religious realities coexist, collide, and combine.

Azuela, Mariano
The underdogs : a novel of the Mexican Revolution: Considered by many to be the definitive novel of the Mexican Revolution, this is the story of a peace-loving Indian who is forced to side with the rebels to save his family.

Barrio, Raymond
The plum plum pickers: A story that depicts a world of intense conflict and estrangement divided along socioeconomic lines between the migrant workers and those who administer their labor.

Beatty, Patricia
Lupita Mañana: To help her poverty-stricken family, 13-year-old Lupita enters California as an illegal alien and starts to work while constantly on the watch for "la migra."

Benitez, Sandra
A place where the sea remembers : a novel: Chayo and her husband Candelario, living in the small village of Santiago, Mexico, finally may be blessed with the child they thought they would never have.


Bertrand, Diane Gonzales
Sweet fifteen: When seamstress Rita Navarro makes a quinceañera dress for fourteen-year-old Stefanie, she finds herself becoming involved with the girl's family and attracted to Stefanie's uncle.

Trino's choice: Frustrated by his poor financial situation and hoping to impress a smart girl, seventh grader Trino falls in with a bad crowd led by an older teen with a vicious streak.

Trino's time: With the help of some friends and a Tejano hero that he discovers in history class, thirteen-year-old Trino copes with his problems and his world.

Chávez, Denise            
Face of an angel: The story of Soveida Dosamantes, a waitress who has worked for thirty years in a Mexican restaurant in the rural Southwest.

Cisneros, Sandra
The house on Mango Street: View of growing up in a barrio.

De La Garza, Beatriz Eugenia
Pillars of gold and silver: While spending the summer with her grandmother in Mexico, Blanca Estela gradually adjusts to small town life and knows she will miss it when she returns to the United States.

Ephron, Amy
White rose : a novel = Una rosa blanca: Evangelina, imprisoned for revolutionary activities in Cuba in the 1890s, becomes the focus of a campaign by American newspaper owner William Randolph Hearst who sends his star reporter, Karl Decker, to interview Evangelina and effect her escape.

Esquivel, Laura
Like water for chocolate

Fuentes, Carlos
The crystal frontier : a novel in nine stories: Explores relations between Mexico and the United States through a collection of nine loosely related fiction stories about people who are in some way connected to Leonardo Barroso, a powerful Mexican oligarch whose villa sits near the border of the two countries.

The old gringo

Garcia, Cristina
The Agüero sisters: Two Cuban sisters--one a master electrician in Havana, the other a successful cosmetics saleswoman in Miami--are reunited after a thirty-year separation and learn the truth behind their mother's tragic death at the hands of their father years earlier.

Dreaming in Cuban: The story of four strong-willed women of the del Pino family of Havana and of Brooklyn who are divided by conflicting political loyalties.

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Love in the time of cholera: Florentino Ariza's unrequited love survived almost 52 years after Fermina Daza ran away with a doctor and Florentino builds a life of his own.

One hundred years of solitude: The rise and fall, birth and death of the mythical town of Macondo as told through the history of the Buendia family.

Chronicle of a death foretold: A spectacular wedding, a sudden scandal, and a murder to which an entire town appears to be an accessory are the elements of this extraordinary short novel.

Strange pilgrims : twelve stories: Collection of short stories about Latin Americans living in Europe.

Gaspar de Alba, Alicia
Sor Juana's second dream : a novel: Juana Ramierez de Asbaje joins the Convent of Santa Paula, where she finds salvation and peace in her art.

Hernández, Jo Ann Yolanda
White bread competition

Herrera, Juan Felipe
CrashBoomLove : a novel in verse: After his father leaves home, sixteen-year-old Cesar Garcia lives with his mother and struggles through the painful experiences of growing up as a Mexican American high school student.

Jiménez, Francisco
Breaking through: Having come from Mexico to California ten years ago, fourteen-year-old Francisco is still working in the fields but fighting to improve his life and complete his education.

The circuit : stories from the life of a migrant child: Explores a migrant family's experiences moving through labor camps, facing poverty and impermanence, and discusses how they endure through faith, hope, and back-breaking work.

Lachtman, Ofelia Dumas
The summer of El Pintor: When sixteen-year-old Monica and her widowed father go back to Los Angeles, reluctantly moving from a wealthy neighborhood to the barrio house her mother grew up in, Monica tries to locate a missing neighbor, and in the process learns about her mother's past.

Martinez, Floyd
Spirits of the high mesa: Story of Flavio and his grandfather, El Grande, as the traditional ways of Capulin, New Mexico are changed by an influx of new people and technology.

Mazzio, Joann
The one who came back: When his best friend Eddie Chavez disappears after they have spent the day together in the mountains of New Mexico, fifteen-year-old Alex cannot get anyone to believe his story and is even suspected of murdering the missing boy.

Martinez, Victor
Parrot in the oven : mi vida: Manny relates his coming of age experiences as a member of a poor Mexican American family in which the alcoholic father only adds to everyone's struggle.

Pérez, Loida
Geographies of home : a novel: Iliana believes that she can escape her family life by attending a college that is hours away from her home, but she is soon haunted by a disembodied voice that informs her of her family's struggles.

Romo, Ito
El puente : The bridge: Thirteen women of different ages and backgrounds react in unexpected, humorous, and mysterious ways when the Rio Grande river suddenly turns a crimson red.

Ryan, Pam Muñoz
Esperanza rising: Esperanza and her mother are forced to leave their life of wealth and privilege in Mexico to go work in the labor camps of Southern California, where they must adapt to the harsh circumstances facing Mexican farm workers on the eve of the Great Depression.

Soto, Gary
Taking Sides

Buried onions: When nineteen-year-old Eddie drops out of college, he struggles to find a place for himself as a Mexican American living in a violence-infested neighborhood of Fresno, California.

Jesse: Two Mexican American brothers hope that junior college will help them escape their heritage of tedious physical labor.

Baseball in April and other stories: A collection of eleven short stories focusing on the everyday adventures of Hispanic young people growing up in Fresno, California.

Pieces of the heart : new Chicano fiction: Collection of short stories by fifteen Chicano writers representing the complexities and experiences of being a Mexican American in the United States.

Velasquez, Gloria
Juanita fights the school board: Johnny, the eldest daughter of Mexican farm workers, is expelled from high school, but with the help of a Latina psychologist and a civil rights attorney, she fights the discriminatory treatment and returns determined to finish school.

Maya's divided world: When a seventeen-year-old Mexican American girl starts getting into trouble as a reaction to her parents' divorce, she is helped by a psychologist who has problems of her own.

Rina's family secret: A Puerto Rican teenager describes her family's life with her abusive stepfather in alternating chapters with the story of the counselor who is trying to help them.

Ankiza: When she begins dating a wealthy white senior, Ankiza must face the reactions and prejudices of other students, parents, and school officials.

Villasenor, Victor
Macho! Macho details seventeen-year-old Roberto Garcia's journey from the state of Michoacan, Mexico, to his illegal entry into the United States.

Viramontes, Helena Maria
Under the feet of Jesus: Short stories depict life among Latinos in Los Angeles.


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