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Japanese American Internment 1942-45

What Happened and How Did It Happen?:

Rabbit in the Moon: Documentary on complex, intimate, often turbulent life in the internment camps

Thirteen Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs on various internment around the United States, with statistics and more.

Chronology of World War II Incarceration
By the Japanese American National Museum, this site provides a timeline of events leading up to Japanese internment during the 1940s.

Unofficial Nikkei Home Page
Information about Japanese-American history and internment.

A History of Japanese-American Internment
By students of Father Ryan High School in Nashville, Tennessee, this site provides a list of camps, a timeline, the aftermath and more.

Japanese American Internment
Learn about Japanese-American internment through politics, camps, memories, a timeline and glossary and more!

Japanese American Internment Memorial
"A bronze memorial dedicated to Japanese Americans interned during World War II... in the east plaza of the Robert Peckham Federal Building, only half a block away from the original War Relocation Authority Building for Washington, California and Arizona."

Mass Incarceration Fact Sheet for America's Concentration Camps
From the Japanese American National Museum's National Resource Center. This short page summarizes statistics and other historic information regarding Japanese-American internment.

Office of Redress Administration: US Department of Justice: Civil Rights Division
This government site answers frequently asked questions about internment; provides a clickable map of all US internment camps and more!

Peace at Last
A report of the personal account of one Japanese-American who lost his business and more when he was sent to Minidoka internment camp in 1942.

The Camps:

American Concentration Camps: Map
Click on a location and see photographs of the camps.

Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project
Camp Harmony exhibit, archive guide, and more.

Gila River Internment Camps, then and now
From the Art department of Glendale Community College in Arizona. Images from Butte Camp amd Canal Camp.

Japanese Internment Camps
Maps, populations, and information about Japanese-Americans and internment camps. From lecture notes online for and introduction to a geography course taught by Ingolf Vogeler at the University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire.

Japanese American Internment: Santa Clara Valley
Visit this exhibit to learn of Japanese American internment and the people's attempts to create a home in these camps.

Camp Harmony
From the University of Washington Libraries, this site gives an overview of internment, Bainbridge Island information, the camp's adminstration and physical layout, work, school and play, and marriages, deaths and births in the camp. "Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Alaska Japanese-Americans were sent to nearby temporary assembly centers. From there they were sent by trains to American-style concentration camps at remote inland sites where many people spent the remainder of the war. This exhibit tells the story of Seattle's Japanese American community in the spring and summer of 1942 and their four month sojourn at the Puyallup Assembly Center known as "Camp Harmony."

Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project
"Documents and photographs from the Heart Mountain Relocation Center Collection at the John Taggart Hinckley Library."

MANZANAR - America's Concentration Camp
Photographs and history of Manzanar Internment Camp in California.

Manzanar Project
Brief history of the camp, life there and a photo gallery.

Kooskia Internees and Employees Sought
From the Kooskia Internment Camp Project, this site summarizes Japanese-American internment in Idaho including Kooskia Camp near Lowell and one at Minidoka, Idaho during World War II.

War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
View photographs and read information that depict social life, camp life, work and more at Arizona's camps. View the 1942 Executive Order from Franklin D. Roosevelt establishing internment camps. From the University of Arizona Library.

Japanese American Relocation Center Memorial
Images and information about Rohwer camp in Arizona.

Images from Topaz
Images from Topaz internment camp.

Photographs from Tule Lake
Photographs on living, education, labor and buildings from Tule Lake internment camp.


Newspaper Articles:

Abundant Dreams Diverted
The Seattle Times article captures Japanese-American internment in the Northwest. Inlcudes the article online as well as many photographs.

From Fences to Freedom
From the Palo Alto Weekly, this article presents information about Japanese-American internment. Part One of two. See War's End for part two.

War's End
From the Palo Alto Weekly, this article provides a personal perspective to Japanese-American internment. Part Two of two. For part one, see From Fences to Freedom.

Internment and Evacuation of San Francisco Japanese | 1942
From the Museum of the City of San Francisco, this site provides newpaper article accounts of the evacuation.

Museum of the City of San Francisco
Newspaper articles from the San Francisco News in the 1940s regarding Japanese-American internment.

Racism Remained After Internment Camps Close
Article from The Detroit News online that reports discrimination toward Japanese-Americans after World War II.


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