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Links to resources on the 1920s from Chico High School: Try this page to find many links to sites related to the 1920s.

Flapper Culture and Style: Find out why the young girls of the 1920s seemed like rebels to their mothers

Worried Women: Discusses the development of scientific child-rearing during the early part of the 1900s

American History 102:   A college course site with links to others sites dealing with the 1920s

Popular Recipes of the 1920s

Temperance and Prohibition: Outlines the history of the campaign that led to the passing of the prohibition act and a link to specifics about prohibition in the 1920s

Texas Guinan's Culture Club (and speakeasy): An eclectic view of the 1920s

Inaugural Address of Warren G. Harding- March 4.1921

Biography and facts about  the administration of Warren G. Harding

Inaugural Address of Calvin Coolidge March 4, 1925

Biography and facts about the administration of Calvin Coolidge

Inaugural Address of Herbert Hoover March 4, 1929

Biography and facts about the administration of Herbert Hoover


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