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RFP #558 Swimming Pool and Heater Maintenance

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Why is the swimming pool maintenance going back out to bid?

Due to a technical issue, questions/answers were not able to be posted on the District website for all potential respondents to view.

In the bid specifications it states, “To maintain control and integrity of the service to be provided, no subcontractors will be allowed. The District opts to enter into a contract directly with a company which holds the required licenses.” The aquatics industry has two (2) types of service companies. One type of company generally provides the custodial type duties that include water testing, vacuuming, etc. The other type of company has highly trained technicians that are factory certified to work on equipment such as heaters, pumps, filters, automated control systems, etc. This highly skilled work is not required daily, but it could range from monthly to annually. These highly trained technicians are generally paid a much higher wage than those cleaning the pools, especially with DIR prevailing wage rates. To ensure the district receives the highest value of maintenance services, we suggest allowing for subcontractors to split the work respectively. Please advise if the district will accept a bid from a properly-licensed company that would use a subcontractor for the daily custodial duties.

The District has amended the Subcontractor Section 3.0 per the attached Addendum #1.

Is providing the electronic service sheets a requirement in this RFP? It has now become a standard industry practice. Since the contract is for 3 years and possibly 2 additional the district would be behind is what information they could be receiving and reviewing. It would allow district personnel to see what pool contractor's response is to events/issues and the pool's condition without needing to call or visit the pool.

Electronic copies are a nice additional feature but not required by Ventura County Health Department. All contractors must provide documentation, record keeping and reporting as required by the Ventura County Health Department.

OUHSD pool service contractors have been asked to provide and supply pool contamination kits (for use when there is a incident ) and provide trainings at least twice per year (more if needed –and possibly on the weekends).

Training of District pool staff and pool managers is a requirement that should be met at a minimum of twice yearly by the maintenance contractor. In addition, pool contractor is responsible for the supply and restock of all materials and equipment necessary for emergency decontamination procedures according to Ventura County Health Department criteria, and Integrated Pest Management guidelines established by OUHSD.

I am emailing you for some additional information regarding the DIR prevailing wages required for this bid. We come across many bid situations with the prevailing wage requirements and many companies are bidding under a the “Apprentice” labor classification. However, there is not an apprentice program available for swimming pool maintenance. The apprentice labor classification requires a supervisor to be onsite at all times with the “apprentice”. This relates to additional cost if done within the stated requirements. Please provide your chosen labor classification for the specified scope of work for this bid.

All labor wage rates must be in compliance with criteria and guidelines established by Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). OUHSD is not requiring certified payroll submissions or additional proof of documentation required by DIR.

RFQ/RFP Facilities Master Planning Services #557

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Is there an existing Education Specification (Ed Spec) available for review?

No, there is no current district-wide facilities ed. specs for all facilities.

Does the District have an Educational Technology Plan in place (available for review)?

The last technology plan expired in 2016 and has not been updated.  It can be accessed via the technology department web page.

Does the District have any existing commitments to sustainability (e.g. Board resolution for CHPS or LEED, or other more specific green-building mandates)?

No, there are no Board adopted sustainability plans.

Is there a deadline to ask questions?

We have decided to issue an RFI deadline due to the influx of questions so attached is that Addendum #1.

When and where will the responses to questions be posted ?

The District will post all questions/answers on our website noted in the RFQ/P as well as an email back to the requester.

Is there an existing / outdated Facilities Master Plan available ?

No, there is not a current Facility Master Plan.

Does the Non-Collusion Affidavit need to be notarized or just signed?

It can be signed for submission of the RFQ/P but must be notarized should firm be awarded a contract.

Notice: Interviews could take place as early as Friday, September 15, 2017. Should a firm be short-listed, they will be contacted by September 14th for interview appointment.

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As previously noted, the District will require an interview with short-listed firms on September 15, 2017. Please be aware of this change. The District will also ask the top ranked firm to provide a presentation at the September 27, 2017 regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

Bid #556 Track and Field Event Modifications

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Bid Documents

Is this a re-bid? Didn't these schools already bid out?

This is a new bid for areas adjacent to the new tracks.

The tracks themselves were just replaced through recent bids.

I was just entering Track & Field Event Modifications for ACHS, HHS, OHS, PHS, BID # 556 and notice you have it bidding on a Saturday, is 09/09 at 2 correct?

An addendum has been issued to change the bid due date to September 12, 2017 @ 2:00pm.

Is there an Estimate on this project?

No, no formal estimate was prepared for this project.

Is contractor required to provide temporary fencing?

The Description of Work on page DOW-1 states, “The Work consists of any and all labor, materials, goods, supplies, equipment, tools, utilities, temporary facilities, transportation, delivery services, and other services and things of any nature whatsoever as are expressly and impliedly necessary to timely and satisfactorily complete the Project…

It is expected that the work area will remain fenced/blocked to avoid any personal injury or theft for the duration of the project. The work area should not be accessible to any person other than approved contractors, inspectors, architects and specific OUHSD personnel.

What are the contractor’s work hours (after 3:30 only)?

The Bid Document states, “The Contractor must coordinate the schedule for completion of the Work with the District to ensure that the Work will not unreasonably interfere with District operations, and, to that end, the District may require that Contractor perform the Work during non-school hours, on weekends and/or during school holidays and other breaks; provided that the District and the Contractor shall endeavor to schedule reasonable blocks of time for performance of the Work as will be cost-efficient for the Contractor.”

The District requests a work schedule be provided, and approved by the District, in advance of the work commencing. The District will work with each school site to determine what events, if any, are scheduled in the project areas. The schools sites are in session and active from 7:30am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays. Contractor shall perform this work based on the agreed upon schedule.

Need clarification on exact question… there was a reference made to a possible request to provide a different asphalt mix submission.

Contractor must put question with mix specification in writing so this question can be reviewed and answered.

Is the general contractor required to be pre-qualified?

The District does not require contractors to be pre-qualified for this bid. The District requires the contractor and product to meet all requirements specified in the bid documents.


Should you be bidding on material other than specified product, Section 11. Substitution of Specified Items and 11.2 Timing for Submission of Request for Substitution must be followed.

What is the engineer's estimate for this project?

No engineer’s estimate have been given.

Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. requests the consideration, and approval of the Spurtan® BV and Spurtan® BS IAAF Certified Running Track System as equal to the system specified for the above-referenced project.

After review of technical aspects of the Spurtan BV equal product request, the District has determined that the product provided does meet the criteria noted in the bid documents and shall be accepted as an alternate biddable item – if the installed colors at each of the schools can be matched.

Please find attached color chart to reference colors used and list below:

  • Adolfo Camarillo HS colors: ‘Blue’ / ‘Mid Grey’ at exchange lanes
  • Oxnard HS colors: ‘Beynon Red’ / ‘Gold’ at exchange lanes
  • Pacifica HS colors: ‘Hobart Green’ / ‘Mid Grey’ at exchange lanes
  • Hueneme HS colors: ‘Standard Red’ / Dark Grey’ at exchange lanes

Link to colors:

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