RFP #552 Legal Services

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Bid Documents

I see the due date is listed on the website as 5/11/17 but the materials state 4/25/17. Was there an extension or is 4/25 still the correct date?

The due date for the RFP is 4/25/17. The date listed on the website (which I just fixed) was when the RFP expires from the website, the day after the Board Meeting of 5/10.

Regarding this question in Exhibit B – “Have you had to issue any insurance claims relating to errors or omissions in connection with performance by your law firm?” – is there a certain timeframe you want this information for or just since the firm’s inception? I believe we have a claim but it is not recent.

There is no timeframe specified so if you answer yes, you can state the year in which this took place so we can see that it is not recent. You would provide a brief explanation as well.

I have a question regarding Section 6 regarding license. What proof would you like for that and do you want it just for the proposing attorney or from every attorney that may be working on behalf of the district?

The District requires proof from the proposing attorney that they are licensed to work in the state of California. The State Bar of California card will be adequate proof.

RFP #542 Photography Services

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Bid Documents

Is the RFP specifically for Underclass (ID/Yearbook/School Service/Underclass Portrait Packages) and Senior Portrait programs? Are Prom & Dance, Sports, or Commencement photography programs included?

This RFP is for ID’s for staff and students, and portrait packages. The RFP does not cover proms, dances, sports, commencement or other school site events.

Seniors were not mentioned in your response, but I will assume that they are included

Yes, seniors are included.

Regarding ID cards: Can you tell me more about the magnetic strip encoding process and what role you envision the photographer playing (if any) in that process?

The District only needs the photograph company to place the student/employee ID number on the mag stripe.

In addition to providing the student ID and barcode on each card, the district is hoping the photography company can also encode each mag strip with the students'/staff members ID/employee #? Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.

May I also ask what the magnetic strips are being used for (library, food service, etc.)?

The magnetic strip will be used for vending machines and food services terminals.

And how that differs from the barcodes on the IDs?

The reason they differ is because vending machines do not read barcode.

Does the RFP include senior portraits? Most RFPs for high schools include copious language regarding guidelines for senior portraits. Your RFP is more focused on ID cards.

Yes, it does include senior portraits.

When date do you anticipate starting interviews?

We anticipate starting interviews within 2 weeks after RFP responses are received so most likely the week of February 20th. The 20th is a holiday for the District so chances are February 21st, 22nd, or 23rd will be interview day(s).

Can a $25,000 certified check be used in place of the $25,000 bond?


Are the composites (page 9, #10) just of the 12th grade graduates? What is the size of the composite?

Pictures in the yearbooks do vary by school site (typically senior pictures are larger than underclass pictures). The yearbook advisor/class editor makes those decisions with the yearbook representative based on yearbook formatting. Specific sizing will need to be discussed with school site personnel upon contract award.

Can schools be photographed over multiple days?

Yes, school sites allow for multiple days of photography. Each school sites’ needs will be schedule between photography company and site contact so specific dates/times are coordinated.

How are incoming 9th grade students photographed in may since they would be in 8th grade?

Most sites request photography at the freshmen orientation they have toward the end of the spring semester. Each individual site will need to be contacted for their specific orientation dates/times and to confirm they plan for photography at that time.

Are picture packages sold in May or in the fall?

Most school sites receive student orders in the spring. Each school site will need to be individually contacted by awarded company to obtain school site schedules and intended photography package offering dates.

For references, do you prefer a district level reference or an individual high school reference?

Both would be preferred.

Does each school require their own ID printer?

Each site has their own ID printer (Zebra ZXP Series 8). The RFP is asking photography company responses to include photography company printing ID’s in lieu of school site personnel.

The class composite mentioned on page 9, section 10...your answer referred to the yearbook. A class composite usually refers to a printed picture with each student's picture in a small square. A class composite for a high school often includes all of the seniors in their formal attire. Some schools offer it for sale where others require it as an item for the administrative office. Is this a printed picture?

The composite of all senior class students has typically been provided to school sites at no charge (1 printed picture to post in lobby/office). They range in size from 5’ x 6’ or 4’ x 8’ depending on what site decides on.

RFP #549 SIP Trunking and Long Distance Services (E-Rate)

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Bid Documents

• Can you confirm exact PBX Manufacturer, exact PBX model and exact software version being ran?

We use Skype for Business 2015 as an enterprise VOIP system. The gateway which connects Skype Mediation Sere and Sip trunk is Audiocode M1K gateway.

How many concurrent call paths are expected to be delivered?

75 concurrent call Path are expected to be delivered.

• Can we receive a full list of phone numbers that are expected to be ported? *This is required for us to assess if any RCF (remote call forwarding) is required due to respective Rate Center and service location where trunk terminates.

We have around 1700 DiD’s that needs to be ported. Number of minutes for both local and long distance: 50,000 minutes/per months.

• Will Oxnard UHSD have a centralized trunk, with a single trunk group that terminates at 1 location? If so, what is the full address of this premise?

One centralized trunk. Address: 309 SK Street, Building B, Oxnard, CA 93030. We need 2 SIP Trunk group for redundancy; IPVPN: 50 MG.

• If multiple locations are to terminate individual trunk groups, can we receive the full address of those locations and phone numbers/DID’s that are expected to terminate on the respective trunk group? Also, can it be defined how many concurrent call paths would be required per trunk group.

Multiple location trunk group are not required.

Can we receive a full list of the phone numbers wishing to be ported?

RCF is done through our Skype for business system and therefore provider does not need to provide the RCF.

I want to clarify if 2 Trunk Groups are being requested @ 309 SK Street, Building B, Oxnard CA 93030. If so, how many call paths per trunk group? Call paths are assigned to the individual trunk group.

Yes we require two trunk groups. Both trunk group will share 37+38 call paths which equal to total of 75 call paths.

Additionally, if a secondary trunk group/circuit is to be provided for redundancy, is it going to terminate at the same address and is it expected to be delivered over the same last mile/uplink that the primary circuit? Or is FULL last mile diversity expected for the secondary Trunk Group?

Yes it would be terminated at the same address as provided previously.

  • We would also like the provider to provide PSALI for E911.

• Can we receive a full list of phone numbers that are expected to be ported? *This is required for us to assess if any RCF (remote call forwarding) is required due to respective Rate Center and service location where trunk terminates.

We have around 1700 DiD’s that needs to be ported. Number of minutes for both local and long distance: 50,000 minutes/per months.

Can we receive a full list of the phone numbers wishing to be ported?

Here are the prefix for 805 Area code. 341, 385, 389, 278, 394, 240, 247, 484, 487, 645, 486.

Just wanted to confirm, is Oxnard USD open to SIP Trunks at individual locations or must it be delivered at the District Office with one centralized Trunk?

OUHSD only requires one centralized trunk at the district office.

RFP #548 Wide Area Network (E-Rate)

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Bid Documents

Oxnard High School and Camarillo Academy have the +2 sites. Are the +2 sites also going back to the district office? If so, will there be a total of 3 sites from each of the respective locations? One 10G and two 1G circuits?

OUHSD District Office is the Data Center and the hub site. All school sites are the spoke site and will connect to the Hub site at 10 Gbs accept OAS and CAPE at 1 Gb each.

Sites Bandwidth
                                                               i.      Oxnard Union High School District
309 South K Street, Building B, Oxnard CA 93030
Telephone: 805-385-2500
HUB Site
                                                              ii.      Adolfo Camarillo High School
4660 Mission Oaks Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93012
Telephone: 805-389-6407
10 GB
                                                            iii.      Channel Islands High School
1400 Raiders Way. Oxnard, CA 93033
Telephone: 805-385-2787
10 GB
                                                            iv.      Frontier High School
545 Airport Way, Camarillo, CA 93010
Telephone: 805-389-6450
10 GB
                                                             v.      Hueneme High School
500 Bard Road , Oxnard, CA 93033
Telephone: 805-385-2667
10 GB
                                                            vi.      Oxnard High School
3400 West Gonzales Road. Oxnard, CA 9303
Telephone: 805-278-2906
10 GB
                                                          vii.      Pacifica High School
600 E. Gonzales Road. Oxnard, CA 93030
Telephone: 805-278-5000
10 GB
                                                         viii.      Rancho Campana High School
4235 Mar Vista Drive Camarillo, CA 93010
Telephone: 805-394-4750
10 GB
                                                            ix.      Rio Mesa High School
545 Central Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030
Telephone: 805-278-5500
10 GB
                                                             x.      Oxnard Adult School (+2 sites)
Hueneme Road Campus
527 Hueneme Rd, Oxnard, Ca 93041
                                                            xi.      Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education (+ 2 Sites)
777 Aileen Street. Camarillo, CA 93010
Telephone: 805-384-1415

Track Replacements Project ACHS, OHS, PHS, BID #OUHSD 01-1617

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

CyberCopy Link to Bid Documents and Plans

Please check the CyberCopy website for daily updates such as RFI’s and responses. Thank you.

RFI #1: Can you please provide the Engineers Estimate for Track Replacements Project for ACHS, OHS and PHS?

Answer: An Engineer Estimate was not prepared for these projects.

RFI #1: Can you please provide the Engineers Estimate for Track Replacements Project for ACHS, OHS and PHS?

Answer: An Engineer Estimate was not prepared for these projects.

RFI #2: Would you consider epiQ TRACKS X100 as an equal or superior to the currently specified BSS 300 project?

Answer:  After review of technical aspects of the epiQ TRACK X1000 equal product request, the District has determined that the product provided does meet the criteria noted in the bid documents and shall be accepted as an alternate biddable item.

RFI #3: Are the logo stencils for the alternates at each site to be plastic reusable stencils or cardboard disposable stencils?

Answer:  Please include pricing for plastic, reusable stencils – to be kept by the school site(s). It is our understanding that the lead time for fabrication of these are approximately 3-4 weeks, therefore should not have an impact on the construction schedule.

RFI #4: The track cross section detail (Detail A) shown on sheet C-101 is a typical cross section detail for an 8 lane track oval. This contradicts the field measurements as the running track ovals are wider than the 29'-4" dimensions illustrated on Detail A. Please clarify the track oval width and if 9 lanes is desired for striping.

Answer:  Bid is to include 9 lanes for each school.

RFI #5: Detail C on sheet C-101 for Adolfo Camarillo HS shows a 12" section of new A/C Paving to be placed back at where the existing A/C paving is saw cut and a new 6" by 12" concrete header is installed. Can concrete be used in lieu of new A/C in this area?

Answer:  Please bid A/C paving in this area.

RFI #6: I would like to submit a request for substitution for the three tracks going out to bid for Oxnard USD. Attached are the specification sheets. Can you please let me know if I am missing anything? (Reference KYA Plexipave System)


KYA is submitting a Plexitract (water based) Accelerator – OUHSD does not have this in the approved specification

KYA specification calls for a water-based resin called ‘Plexitrac’ Binder – The OUHSD approved specification calls for a Single Component Polyurethane Binder

KYA specification calls for a pigmented and flexible acrylic coating called ‘Plexitrac Coating’ – The OUHSD approved specification calls for a single-component polyurethane pore sealer

KYA specification calls for a SBR LATEX EMULSION – The OUHSD approved specification calls for a SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) only – no specification for Latex for the rubber granulate – base course.

Based on the above notations, we do not believe these products are equal. If there is another product you can provide, please let me know.

RFP #544 Auditing Services

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

One of the requests in your RFP is for another client’s audit report. We haven’t seen this requested before so I wanted to be sure if there was anything specific you were looking for?

The District requests to see an audit that has been done for a school district similar in size to OUHSD.

1. Seeing the audit report for 2015 was dated December 7, 2015, what has been the time frame the auditors have been at your site the past two years to complete the audit?

Interim work March – May; Regular work August – September; the report should be complete by December 15th; and the Board presentation can occur either December or January.

2. When would we be able to begin our field work? We like to do interim work in March-June and get in to complete the audit work as soon as you are closed.

Yes, we encourage interim work to be done March – May.

3. What has been the audit fee for the 2015 and 2014 fiscal years?

2014-15 not to exceed $51,000

2015-16 not to exceed $51,000

4. Are there any new debt issuances planned for the 2016-17 year? If so, are any of them CAB’s? and will any of the new debt be “refunding” bonds?

There is a refunding issue with a sale date of June 21, 2016 that could likely effect both 2015-16 and 2016-17.

5. In reviewing your Findings for 2015 can you let us know what has been done to address the issue with the cafeteria fund.

We have had an ongoing annual deficit within the Cafeteria Fund.  It will likely continue.  The District continues to monitor the deficits.

6. Who prepared the Net Pension Liability calculation. Did you or did the auditors do that for you.

The District has prepared the STRS liability calculation.  An external company does the OPEB liability calculation every two years.

7. Your MD&A. Do you prepare the MD&A and have the auditors review or have the auditors done that for you?

The auditors writes the MD&A and then the District fills in specific information.

8. The GASB 34 conversion entries. Do you do the entries or have the auditors been doing them for you?

The auditors have done these entries.

Bid #517 RFI Copy Center Print Management Services Copier Equipment

The submission deadline has passed

  • Request for Information.
  • Exhibit A – Proposed Layout.
  • Exhibit B – Current Printer Inventory.
  • Exhibit C – Current Copier Equipment Info.
  • Addendum #1.
  • FAQS
    • Question: p.22 3) “C.P. Bourg Manual and Book Factory Perfect Binder” is a Xerox specific product. About how many perfect bound books per month are required?
      Answer: To be determined
    • Question: What is the required maximum thickness (or max number of 20-pound sheets) for the perfect bound books?
      Answer: 350-sheet thickness (1.57” thick)
    • Question: p.22 Binder (please specify)?
      Answer: In-:Line Perfect Binder Bourg BBF-2005 (or equal)
    • Question: Cutter (how big – machine, digital, etc.)?
      Answer: Something similar or equal to Triumph 4850 EP (38 ¼” x 29 ¾” x 48 ½”, automatic programmable cutter)
    • Question: Drill (single or triple)?
      Answer: Challenge 3-Head Hydraulic Paper Drill
    • Question: Shrink wrapper (please specify)?
      Answer: All-in-One Sealer/Tunnel Chamber Machine PP48ST or PP76ST
    • Question: Banner Make (please specify (B/W or Color, Size)? Other?
      Answer: Color, Large Format for advertising/outdoor/banner printing machine (based on what schools normally print for events, with your exper tise on school district copy centers, we would welcome vendor recommendations)
      Other items to consider quoting on:

      • Paddy Wagon Padding Press
      • Rhin-o-Tuff HD 7000 Heavy Duty Punch
      • Akiles Finish-A-Coil Electric Coil Inserter w/Electric Crimper
      • Triumph MBM-207M Paper Folder
    • Question: p.18 8.0 a) 5.3 Million B/W copies (Copy Center + Copiers)?
      Answer: Copy Center and School Site Copiers (District-Wide)
    • Question: p.18 8.0 d) Aggregate CPC for all copiers with no minimum or each machine has a separate CPC rate with no min?
      Answer: The District would prefer aggregate CPC rates for all copiers, unless it is more cost effective for each individual machine to ha ve a separate CPC rate (with no minimum on either option). Please specify which you are quoting or both if you like.
    • Question:OUHSD indicated they have somewhere between 6,000 to 7,000 PC Workstations but I don’t want to assume that there are as many Users. Can you please find out?
      Answer: There are 15,900 student users and 1,800 staff and faculty. Total 17,700 users. All users have Active Directory accounts.
    • Question: Can all personal printers be determined before they are removed? Storing them may be an issue.
      Answer: Yes, we would have personal printers marked as such however, should an error be made, we would need to be able to retrieve it.
    • Question: Can the references be from school districts other than from So. California?
      Answer: Yes but keep in mind the District may request to see a Copy Center you have implemented and that the District would need technicians and your support staff close enough to respond in the time allocated in the RFI.
    • Question: Can a vendor bid on just the B (printers) and C (copiers) and have no response on the A (print shop) ?
      Answer:Yes, you can submit response(s) on only one section, two sections or all sections.
    • Question: 8.0 d Contract – Is the $56,000 buyout for the current Ricoh equipment or is it for the miscellaneous equipment?
      Answer: The payoff remaining is estimated to be $56,000 for Ricoh equipment in year 5 of the 5-year lease and other miscellaneous equipment.
    • Question: 5.8 kk Inventory Management – Please confirm that this is referring to printed inventory.
      Answer: This refers to the District’s desire to manage static documents and supply paper stock inventory for output in the print shop.
    • Question: 5.21 bbbb Misc Requirements – What will the non-print material be? Is this referring to things that will be used in the copy center, such as boxes, packing material, paper, glue for making pads, etc. or other non-copy-center items?
      Answer: Yes, as well as other non-print items required to run the Copy Center.
    • Question: 5.1 h – General – Production systems must be same OEM- this is a major limiter based on the 5+- million per month volume spec in the RFI. If the workflow for all devices is unified, and one vendor is servicing the Production Systems, will mixed fleets be considered? Please consider that most Copy Centers generating this much volume have mixed fleets of devices, and don’t require a single OEM for all output devices. Basically Xerox would be the only brand to meet this requirement.
      Answer: As stated earlier in the RFI, District personnel viewed Xerox equipment in other successful copy centers and referenced this equipment. As long as the Copy Center can operate at a low cost to our school sites, best meet the needs of the District and meet production capability requirements, the District is open to a mixed fleet.
    • Question: 5.10 ddd – Print Production Management – Clarification as to shipping labels- assuming this is for your in-house delivery, and not FedEx, UPS or other? Please clarify.
      Answer: The shipping labels are intended for in-house use for several purposes, such as acting as a packing slip for customer’s orders or for use as an address labels (but will not be used pertaining to FedEx, UPS or other shipping companies).
    • Question: 5.10 fff – jjj – Print Production Management – These all use the word “site” and it appears that there are multiple meanings, i.e., physical location, as well as the website interface. Please clarify.
      Answer: Fff – Site refers to web pages connected to that school
      Ggg – Site refers to bot web pages connected to that school and physical school site
      Hhh – Site refers to physical school site
      Iii – Site refers to web pages connected to that school
      Jjj – Site refers to physical school site
    • Question: 5.10 fff, hhh and jjj – Print Production Management – How many additional print centers, other than the main print center, are there?
      Answer:At each of our school sites there are designated areas for copying/printing needs. In this RFI they are referred to as print centers when ultimately they are “small school copying areas.” There will be 1 main print center located at the District Office only and then areas on each campus where copying and printing can occur.
    • Question: 5.4 w – Authentication and Account Number Validation – Please clarify. What does this requirement mean?
      Answer: This is referring to active directory updating as access rights change, are deleted entirely or new employees are added to the system.
    • Clarification: Page 5 (2.1 PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL) should read “The vendors shall submit an original and five ten (10) copies of its RFI response…”
    • Question: Page 10 and 11 of RFI, Section 3.2.6 References. Item H. states: (Please provide a copy of current agreement with terms and conditions.) This seems highly irregular to provide a full contract copy for 7 references. Some of the contracts could be confidential data or custom written and would require approval from the Customer to disclose. Is your intent to ask for the full contact of all references?
      Answer: We understand certain terms and conditions would be customizable and confidential between you and the customer and that this request may be difficult to fulfill. Due to the constraints on this item, you will not need to disclose a full agreement however, we would simply like to know the contracted party names, the length of contract, the contact information of that customer and what equipment and services were contracted (a new copy center, copiers for general use, print management, etc.).
    • In this reference section, we need confirmation there is indeed a current agreement between you and the customer you are referencing (or that there was in the past when they were a customer). If there is a question about the contract, the District will contact you or your reference(s). We also understand not all contracts will be priced through piggyback contracts. As far as including contract information on the Bid Forms A, B, C and D, as long as the contract you are using to submit pricing on this RFI response can be referenced, and you can supply information for us to confirm its original contracted parties’ names, it is piggyback-able, can be used by our agency and is not expired, that is what we need.

    • Question: Page 35. Will OUHSD except 90ppm? The next step up is 110ppm and that is overkill.
      Answer: You can fill in your recommendation/available product on page 36. 90ppm would be acceptable at school sites. If quoting on Copy Ce nter equipment, the District will require at least a 95ppm, if not, higher, so you would quote the 110ppm on those two copiers.
    • Question: Please clarify dates of submission – 4/30 Questions, 4/29 pricing and 4/3? Unclear.
      Answer: Vendor response due date is 4/3/12 and deadline for submissions of questions is 3/30/12 (per pages 5 and 6). The cover page has been f ixed as there was a typo on it.
    • Question: Page 35. Will OUHSD except 90ppm? The next step up is 110ppm and that is overkill.
      Answer: You can fill in your recommendation/available product on page 36. 90ppm would be acceptable.
    • Question: Page 44. 3. Clarify “In the event that a remedy is (not) implemented?”
      Answer: The sentence should read, “In the event that a remedy is not implemented within 60 days, the District, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel the contract with no further notice and pay only those charges accrued up to the date of the original notification.”
    • Question: 3.2.6- G Clarify support.
      Answer: List a reference where you have provided management of a Copy Center or support/consulting services (help in set up, recommendation of equipment, recommend location of equipment in Copy Center, training for staff on equipment and software, ongoing support for equipment repair, software troubleshooting and everything else that would go along with implementing a new or already existing Copy Center)
    • Question: 7.0 – Billing – C. Is there a specific format your looking for in regards to billing? Do you have examples?
      Answer: We do not have a sample. We would work with selected vendor(s) to customize invoicing based on what options in software and equipment are available to us as we enter into new contracts. We currently do not utilize the software or equipment items requested in this RFI, nor do we currently operate a Copy Center (so we would not have examples of how we would like invoicing to appear on these items).
    • Question: Exhibit B page 25 #5 Where are these machines being placed? These are large engines and are meant for large volumes.
      Answer: The District felt it best to include some higher speed printers in areas that get high usage but may not receive a copier. OUHSD has the right to supply more or less equipment to school sites and the type and quantity of equipment would be determined based on budget for the upcoming year, selected vendor’s walk through and recommendation for campuses and school site feedback/requests.

Bid #547 Paper Products

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

Is this bid generally awarded to one or multiple vendors?

Per Section 10. AWARD OF CONTRACT AND NOTIFICATION, the District can award items to 1 vendor or several vendors.

Can you supply us with the award pricing and winning vendor(s) from the previous bid?

District was previously contracted with Sodexo so no previous bid documents issued by the District are available. The District has been under a self-operated Nutrition Services Department only since July 2016 and has enough data to calculate our needs for the next fiscal year.

Based on past ordering history, can you tell us about how often orders are placed for the vinyl powder free gloves listed in the bid (monthly, quarterly or other?) and what is average case order?

We anticipate ordering every 1-3 months.

Are you looking for pricing per box or per case for the gloves?

We are asking for case pricing.

Can you tell us what you are currently paying per case for the powder free gloves?

Between $15/case – $42/case.


The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

Is it mandatory to bid on all items on the price quotation sheet?

Bidders can provide pricing on any line items they choose, however, the District reserves the right to accept or reject bids and to make an award of this contract in the best interest of the District (see Section 10. AWARD OF CONTRACT AND NOTIFICATION).

Will the bid be awarded to a single supplier or multiple suppliers ?

Per 34. METHOD OF AWARD on Page 11, the District can award by line item or product group to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder that meets all other requirements of the bid. The District prefers to award in large groups of products in an attempt to lower delivery costs for all parties.

Are vendors required to stock all awarded items ?

The District asks that the contractor provide the products at the requested delivery times and days of each week. Discretion on the contractor’s part must be used to determine whether that requires stocking of product. The ability to meet timelines on product ordered is a requirement of this bid.


Can a supplier participate in the bid process if they choose not to handle commodity items?

Any bidder may participate in the bid, however, it is a requirement for bidders to answer the BIDDER’S QUESTIONNAIRE on pages 21 and 22 so the District is aware of the bidder’s abilities.  


Is there any way to identify which items are commodity items on your purchase quotation sheet?

Commodity items are not identified on the Product Quotation Sheet. Please answer the BIDDER’S QUESTIONNAIRE on pages 21 and 22 so the District is aware of your abilities regarding commodity items. 


RFP #543 Online Learning Program (Original and Credit Recovery)

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

How many Credit Recovery Students do you plan on serving per school year and what is the total number of Semester courses you expect to be used for the year?

1,100 students currently using recovery content

How many Original Credit Students do you plan on serving per school year and what is the total number of Semester courses you expect to be used for the year?

Approximately 200 to 400 students will have need or Original Credits, if on-line learning centers are developed on each campus could be 500 to 750 students

Are you planning on using your own teachers for all courses or do you want information provided for optional instruction?

we would like to use district teachers

How many students will need this Credit Recovery solution? Can you provide an average number of students per semester and summer that need credit recovery?

A little over 1,000 students make use of a credit recovery program at any given time, except summer where the number starts over 1,300 but diminishes over time. Last academic year, the total number of students enrolled were 3,297.

1,649 students took credit recovery per semester last year which included summer school.

Are there other groups of students who may use this solution for credit accrual? If so, how many students?

No, at this time, no students have credit advancement, the need could be about 210 at any given time.

Will any of these students be enrolled in more than 4 courses at a time?

At this time, students complete one course before starting another.

We offer different course bundles to meet different needs. Can you break down how many of your students will need only Core courses? Electives/CTE courses? Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors courses?

At this time, most of our credit recovery program is core subjects, only 4 elective courses are available and no AP or honors courses are available.


Advanced Placement: 50

Honors: 14

Foundations: 96

Literacy Advantage: 266

Prescriptive: 2,268


Are your students 1:1 with student devices?

Only at one school site, the others use labs.

We have 500 students on 1:1 devices, however, the rest of our student population uses computer laptop carts and labs.

Does every student have access to a device and required access 24/7/365, or is your program a lab rotation model?

Not every student has access to a device, at this time MOST of the course is available to do at home, few take advantage, but teachers prefer proctored requirements.

We would like to use both 24/7 access.

Would you prefer us to quote a per-seat license model or a concurrent license model, or a combination of the two models? If a combination, please specify how many of each.

We currently have one solution with each model, the per-seat license is used more heavily and seems more cost effective. At this point, a combination could be used to cover overages during heavy use times so 1,000 seats plus 300 concurrent licenses could cover the programs as used presently. We prefer the concurrent license model.

How many total copies of the proposal should we provide?

Please provide 1 original and 4 copies for a total of 5. 

RFP #539 Superintendent Search Services

The submission deadline has passed

Is it necessary to name the district as additional insured on our auto policies as we will only be in designated parking lots.

No, it is not necessary.

Given the limited nature of the scope of services are there provisions of Exhibit B which could be waived? We can provide proof of liability insurance as well as workers comp but some of the other insurance requirements do not seem to apply.

We can delete certain parts of our general template agreement. You may provide sections you wish to delete with your submission package. Again, it is a general agreement and may not be suitable for all services.

RFP #538 Benefits Consulting Services

The submission deadline has passed

Is OUHSD Only requesting response for GASB 45 Valuation at this time or are you also requesting responses for Consulting Services on your entire Benefits Program?

The request is for GASB 45 valuation only, however a review of our active employees’ benefit information is required to complete the actuarial study.


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Bid Documents

WORD VERSION – RCHS Tech RFP – Project Manual 1 of 2 – Required Proposal Forms


RFP Network Technology Project #536 – Rancho Campana High School

Click here to view RCHS Tech RFP


Does the PSA need to be signed and submitted with the Questionnaire, the RFP or the Award?

Signature on the PSA is required when the project is awarded.

Can a respondent submit a partial bid that includes only a portion of the equipment listed (i.e. switching and UPS requirements)?

The responder must submit a complete proposal for all technology domains described in the RFP. If the responder is unable to satisfy a portion of the RFP scope, they should indicate the reason (e.g., no suitable subcontractor arrangement, no certifications held, no reseller arrangement) and recognize that they run the risk of the proposal being deemed unresponsive.

If a respondent bids a vendor other than Motorola for wireless (e.g. Cisco), will the AP's still have to interoperate with Motorola's AirDefense?

Optimally, yes. An alternate solution would need to burden the proposed solution with a policy and management engine that is compatible with both Motorola and the proposed wireless solution and to include all necessary professional services to convert the existing Motorola deployment to the new proposed policy and management platform.

Does the WAN support multicast?


Will the WAN be upgraded to 10G?

The WAN is already delivered as a 10 Gb backbone to the district from each campus.

What is the expectation for the 'bid alternate' under Appspace?

There is currently no native method within the appspace.com solution to display Show and Share content on Cisco DMPs. But appspace.com has customizable modules that can be developed to extend the capabilities of the platform.  The bid alternate is an opportunity for the proposer to include professional services to develop a capability using the appspace.com platform to add the function of displaying Show and Share content on Cisco DMPs.  This is not a required component of the overall solution.

What version of DMM and Show and Share is the district currently using?

– Digital Media Manager: Version 5.3.6(RB1)

– Show and Share: Version: 5.3.7

– Cisco MXE: Version: 3.3.2

Does the district currently have a single DMM or two separate DMM's for Show and Share / Signage?

One server each for each of the above systems:

– Server 1: DMM

– Server 2: Show and Share

– Server 3: MXE

Will the district provide its own content for signage and show and share?


What kind of walls will the signage screens be mounted on - drywall vs concrete, etc?

The walls will be a variety of materials- drywall stucco, CMU. However wherever the drawings call out for a monitor, the contractor will be installing backing. We have attached a picture of a location with backing in place prior to installation of the drywall for your reference.

Can vendors add lines (e.g. Miscellaneous Materials) to the Pricing Quotation Sheet?


Important clarification on equipment lead times:

A reminder to RFP respondents that the solutions proposed are considered to be complete solutions to be delivered within the project schedule described in the RFP.  If the responder has any concerns about equipment lead times to fulfill the solutions proposed, please identify those products that are of concern for timely delivery, if applicable.

The Terms & Conditions associated with this bid amount to more than 200 pages. Could you grant a one week extension?

Unfortunately, due to the aggressive schedule to complete this school and the E-Rate timeline we are required to meet, we cannot extend the due date on this RFP. Please let me know if you have any questions about specific terms and conditions.

Is proposal security supposed to be 10% of the value of the proposer’s submittal or 10% of the potential bonding requirement in the prequalification process?

The 10% is based on the total amount proposed on this RFP (your exact dollar amount).


REQUIRED PROPOSAL SECURITY: Each proposal must be submitted with security in an amount equal to

10% of the maximum proposal, in one of the following forms: (i) a cashier’s or certified check payable to

the District; or (ii) a proposal bond. The security must be submitted with a completed copy of the

“Proposal Security” form included as one of the Required Proposal Forms. Each proposal bond must be

an executed copy of the “Proposal Bond” form included as one of the Required Proposal Forms and

must be issued by a California-admitted surety as defined in Code of Civil Procedure Section 995.120.

Unless forfeited, the District will return security to the proposers within a reasonable time, but not more

than sixty days after award of the Contract for the Work.

During the prequalification meeting, an additional deadline was discussed for any vendor proposing an equivalent to a product line already in use by the District. If that deadline is being applied, what is the date?

Substitutions would be part of the proposal and would be considered along with the overall technical approach when the work is awarded.  As such, substitutions (“or equals”) are due on the proposal due date.  Since they are a basis of award, we would not consider them after the work is awarded.

Clarify discrepancies between Sections 5.0 to 5.5, 5.7 and 5.8 and Exhibit 2 • Section 5.1 Campus Core Switch (Network Core)

1. RCHS requested C6807-XL-S2T-BUN bundle with VS-S2T-10G-XL supervisor module. VS-S2T-10G supervisor module is the only option included with this 6807 bundle.
a. The supervisors do not need to be the XL version. The redundant switch fabrics should match each other.
2. WS-X6848-TX-2T is listed in Exhibit 2 but not listed as requirement in Section 5.1
a. Exhibit 2 is correct. This was an omission in the bullet-point requirements in the Campus Core Switch specification section. There is a requirement for a copper line card in the chassis switch of class and caliber of the reference model WS-X6848-TX-2T.
3. What length of fiber cross connects are required?
a. It has been determined that the SCCS contractor is providing the District a supply of single-mode and multi-mode LC patch cords for the RCHS project. No fiber cross connect patch cords are required for this proposal. Please zero out these line items in the pricing attachment.

• Section 5.2 Campus Edge Switch and 5.3 Server Room Access Switches (Server Access and Edge Switch) 4. What length of fiber cross connects are required?

See answer to Question #3.

• Section 5.5 Computer Lab Access Switches (Computer Lab Access) - 7. Exhibit 2 shows C2960 lab switches but Section 5.5 reference model is C3850 switches

See answer to Question #5.

• Section 5.5 Computer Lab Access Switches (Computer Lab Access) - 8. What length of fiber cross connects are required?

See answer to Question #3.

• 5.7 Indoor Wireless Access Points - 9. What style of outdoor AP enclosure (solid door or see-through polycarbonate door) is required as referenced in Section 1.3.5?

See-through polycarbonate door is not required. Use Oberon #1020-00 or Oberon #1024-00 as reference product.

• 5.8 Outdoor Wireless Access Points - 10. What style of outdoor AP enclosure (solid door or see-through polycarbonate door) is required as referenced in Section 1.3.5?

See-through polycarbonate door is not required. Use Oberon #1020-00 or Oberon #1024-00 as reference product.

Does the entire Project Manual 1 and Project Manual 2 need to be returned with our response, or only pages 19-36 (Required Proposal Forms ) of Project Manual 1, and pages 13 - 45 (Proposers Response) with Attachment A (pricing quotation sheet) of Project Manual 2?

For Project Manual 1, only the completed forms are required. For Project Manual 2 (technical portion of RFP), the entire document with inline responses and Pricing Attachment should be returned.

Are Proposers allowed to convert the RFP to a Word document for the purpose of inserting answers and completing forms? If not, can responses be inserted into the RFP as Adobe text comments? If the proposal must remain in the original PDF format, can responses refer to additional inserted/included pages?

a. Project Manual 1 is now available in Word version on the OUHSD website:
b. Project Manual 2 is already available in Word (.docx) format from the District RFP website link to the Dropbox document repository. It is called “RCHS Tech RFP – Network Technology Requirements and Questionaire.docx”. Do not use text comments in PDF format. Use inline responses within the provided Word document.

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OUHSD Terms & Conditions

If a firm has an exception to any of the terms and conditions in the RFP for the Network Technology Project, please provide them with your RFP response so they can be reviewed by the District. Thank you.

• Section 5.4 Campus PoE Access Switches (Network IDFs) 5. Increased qty 26 in Exhibit 2 from qty 24 in Section 5.4

Exhibit 2 is the correct quantity.  The 2 computer lab switches that had previously been proposed as type 2960 were rolled into the counts for the IDF switches.  The separate section for the Computer Lab Access switches should be removed.  The two lab switches will still be installed in the respective computer labs and must be designed to uplink accordingly (as opposed to stacking in a nearby IDF) but they will be of the same type as the network IDF switches.

What length of fiber cross connects are required?

See answer to Question #3.

Food Service Management Company RFP #534-14/15

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

The Food Service Mandatory Tour is on FRIDAY, May 30, 2014.

This is a clarification as “Tuesday” was noted in error in the advertisement.

Can you please let me know what you are currently being charged per meal from Sodexo?


Please confirm that the District will purchase the ending inventory of food and supplies from the FSMC.


E. Ownership of the beginning inventory of food and supplies shall remain with the SFA;

F. Title to all USDA Foods shall remain with the SFA; and

G. Ownership of all nonexpendable supplies and capital equipment shall remain with the SFA. However, the successful FSMC must take such measures as may be reasonably required by the SFA for protection against loss, pilferage and/or destruction.

Please provide the SNP Claim for Reimbursement for each building for months September 13 through December 13. It is important that all bidders know the number of breakfast, lunch, snacks and/or dinners that are currently served at each building.

Refer to Attachment G Fee Proposal for Units of Reimbursable Breakfast, Reimbursable Lunch and Equivalent Meals

Are the meals listed in Exhibit B the number of meals that you wish all FSMC to use when completing the Fee Proposal?

Yes, Exhibit B reflects the number of meals the Fee Proposal should be based on.

Please provide the amount of a la carte and adult sales at each building for months September 13 through December 13.

Refer to Attachment G Fee Proposal for Units of Reimbursable Breakfast, Reimbursable Lunch and Equivalent Meals. Please note that the fiscal year 2013/2014 was not significantly different.

The Fee Proposal does not include an area for Dinner Meals. Is the District currently offering dinner of the Fee Proposal? Are there plans to offer this program next year and if so, how do you want that rate recorded on the Fee Proposal?

The District does not offer Dinner Meals, nor does it plan to in the future. Proposers are asked not to include Dinner Meals or any other Meal Option that is not already listed on Attachment G Fee Proposal.

On Page 18 of the RFP you listed $300,000 in equivalent meals; what is the equivalency factor that was utilized here?

$300,000 in equivalent dollars (A La Carte/Catering) please use $3.00 to 1. 

Please provide all equivalency factors.

Please use 1 meal to 1 for Breakfast and Lunch and $3.00 to 1 for A La Carte/Catering.

Do all of the schools have indoor areas for the students to eat?

The 6 comprehensive high schools have indoor dining the 2 satellite schools do not.

Please identify what the District expects to be included in the “Management Fee Per Meal” and the “Consultant Fee Per Meal” which are requested in Exhibit B Schedule of Fees on Page 25 of the Model Contract.

All expenses by the FSMC should be covered in the price per meal so no additional billing charges should be incurred by the District.

Does the District expect the Food Service Management Company to purchase the food and supplies for the food service program?

Yes, see question number 2.

What 21-day cycle menu would the District like us to use so that we may cost accordingly?

See Attachments Titled “Product Specifications” “Breakfast Cycle” “Lunch”

Please note the following clarification when responding to this RFP: In regards to the $300,000 in A La Carte and Catering Dollars at a 1:1 ratio (referred to on page 18 of the RFP Attachment G Fee Proposal), please use a $3 to 1 ratio when responding to the RFP.

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Bid #535 Asphalt Sealing Material

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

I recently received a copy of you bid submittal for asphalt sealer. After reviewing it I was trying to establish if there was a specific product the specifications were written for. As a producer of asphalt sealer I’m familiar with other manufactures products and have never seen this particular list.

The District has looked into “green” alternatives to the standard asphalt materials we have previously used. We have identified areas within this material that would help us in our environmentally friendly and green approach. Our plan is to continue to purchase green products with specifications such as the items listed in this bid.

Mandatory Job Walk Date is FRIDAY, May 30, 2014

This is a clarification as the advertisement specified “Tuesday” when May 30th is a Friday.

RFP #532 Archeological Monitoring Services – Rancho Campana High School

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Bid Documents

Is the OUHSD going to hire the Native American monitor directly or is the archaeologist responsible for hiring the Native American?

The District is going to hire the Native American Monitor directly.

Do we need to provide certificates of insurance rather than just evidence of insurance as part of our proposal?

All responses to this RFP shall include evidence of insurance. When a contract is awarded, the awarded company shall provide a certificate of insurance naming the OUHSD as additionally insured in the amounts set forth in the RFP.

For costing purposes is there an estimated number of days scheduled for archaeological construction monitoring?

Subject to the contractor’s means and methods, we anticipate approx. 2 months of fairly continuous monitoring , followed by periodic / occasional monitoring for the duration of the approx. 23 month project.

The contracting of Chumash Native American Construction Monitor(s) will be the responsibility of the District?

The District intends to contract separately for the Native American Monitor.  For convenience of scheduling and reporting, firms are requested to indicate if they are willing to employ the District-selected Native American monitor as an additional staff member under their professional services agreement with the District.  

Does the project site contain any infill and/or imported soils and if so, how deep is the infill?

The geotechnical report does not indicated imported soils, however surface soils have been classified as “fill” due to the site’s historic use for agriculture.

Does the District want the archaeological monitor to hand out prepared cultural monitoring materials at the pregrade/construction “tailgate” meeting or is brief talk enough?

Prepared cultural monitoring materials are not required at the pre-construction meeting.

Are you requiring respondent to provide names and titles for all Principals based out of the office that will be performing the work, should we be selected; or just the Principals that will be assigned to this particular project?

Principals of the firm should be listed (not the folks assigned to the project, which would be presented in the Personnel, Project Team and Staffing Resources section of the RFP response).

Does the archaeological monitor have to be a qualified professional archaeologist that meets the Sec. of Interior Standards? Page 2 of the RFP states that the Final EIR , a qualified professional archaeological monitor is required to be present to watch all ground-disturbing project construction activities. However, Page 10 states minimum qualification for an archaeological monitor is a B.A. in Archaeology or Anthropology.

The archaeological monitor has to have a B.A. and has to be overseen by a qualified professional archaeologist that meets Sec. of Interior Standards.

If the District does not cover mileage and/or travel expenses to and from District offices and project sites, are respondents based outside of Ventura County expected to cover their own per diem expenses? If per diem is available to those based out of town, where should those costs be noted in the proposal?

These costs have been disallowed in the RFP,  the consultant would need to cover such costs within their hourly fee structure.

The insurance requirements in RFP No. 532 state that “The District will be named as an additional insured.” (emphasis added) Our GL policy contains a blanket additional insured provision which will insure the District as an additional insured as long as we have a contract requiring us to provide additional insured coverage. However, it will not “name” the District. We can, of course, note on the certificates of insurance that the District and other entities named in the contract are additional insureds and attach a copy of the form providing the coverage. Will the District accept such a provision as compliance with the insurance requirement even though the District is not “named”?

The Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority (VCSSFA) that OUHSD operates under requires that an Additional Insured Endorsement be obtained when a District contracts with a third party for the purchase of goods or services. Failure to obtain this form would result in a negative impact on the District. Therefore, it is required that the District be named as additional insured.

RFP #531 Materials & Soils Testing Services – Rancho Campana High School

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents

Is it a correct interpretation of the PLA that non-union testing labs cannot work on this project?

All testing and inspection field technicians on this project will need to be bound by the terms of the applicable Master Labor Agreement per the PSA.

We are a member of the local 12 union but we are located in Huntington Beach. Will preference be given to local firms or will being a member of local 12 help us as we can draw personnel from that?

International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 12 is signatory to the OUHSD Project Stabilization Agreement. As such, IUOE 12 is a designated source of craft workers for this project.

Based on our review of the PSA, it appears that the Master Labor Agreement requires all technicians and materials inspectors to be union members, despite what it says in Article 7.

PSA Article 2.2 is applicable, as excerpted below:

“This agreement shall include the classifications of Building/Construction Inspector and Field Soils and Material Testers (collectively “Inspectors”) as a covered craft under this Agreement. This inclusion applies to the scope of work defined in the State of California Prevailing Wage Determination for said craft.  Every on-site Inspector performing work under these classifications pursuant to a professional service agreement or a construction contract shall be bound to all applicable requirements of this Agreement.”

Employers and employees are not required to join a Union (PSA Article 7), however non-union firms are bound to the provisions of the applicable Master Labor Agreements, the same as Union members and firms, while working on this project.

Bid #529 Agricultural Well Relocation – Rancho Campana High School

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents


What is the anticipated start date, for the project?

The anticipated start date is January 20, 2014.

We would like to know the depth and diameter of the proposed well as well as well casing material proposed.

All specifications are located in the bid documents that have been posted. Plans are attached within these documents and can be printed on legal size paper.

What is the projected cost estimate of this project?

The “projected” cost estimated is $600,000.00.

I am looking for plans and specifications. Are these documents available electronically?

Yes, please see bid documents posted on the OUHSD website.http://www.ouhsd.k12.ca.us/divisions/administrative-services/purchasing-warehousing/rfp/

Is there a bid schedule or a list of bid items to enter our numbers in? Or is this a lump sum bid?

We are requesting a lump sum bid per the Bid Form located within the bid documents. Estimated start date of project is January 20, 2014.

Instruction for Bidders, page 3, Section 10 shows requirements for DVBE participation.This section makes reference to sections 19 & 20 in Special Provisions which confirm applicability of DVBE requirements to this project. DVBE requirements also instructs bidders to complete and submit the required forms for DVBE participation. But we do not find these forms in the documents provided by OUHSD. Can please confirm that this DVBE requirements are required and are part of this bid and also provide the required forms. Please respond as soon as you can because in order to comply with these DVBE requirements bidders need to advertise and solicit DVBE’s up to and no later than 10 days prior to bid opening so that they have time to respond.

DVBE is a requirement of this project. Please see DVBE document posted on OUHSD website or go to: http://www.compliancenews.com

I understand that all work affiliated with this project needs to be done by Union Contractors. Is that the case with this project?

This project is a Public Works project, prevailing wage is the requirement for all union/non-union companies wishing to bid. This project is not bound by the recently passed PLA/PSA Agreement.

Is there any chance of separating the drilling and "down hole" well construction from the pipeline portion of the project for companies that would not install the actual well?

Any contractor is more than welcome to sub-contract with a Prime Contractor or bid in whole on this RFP.

BID 528 – Exclusive Full Service Beverage Contract

The submission deadline has passed

Bid Documents


The District is requesting a vending contract that will include full service vending of machines and direct delivery to the school sites and cafeterias. There may have been a terminology discrepancy in a previous answer.


Are you seeking direct delivery of beverage for food service and vending services?

We are requesting direct delivery of beverage items to school sites and any other District location as specified in the bid document.

If yes, can you clarify what products (brands if specific), sizes etc.

The sizes requested are on Proposal Forms A & B in the bid document. You will need to specify the brand you carry as we are not requesting certain brands.

You indicate Cafeteria use-age is this Food Service?

Some beverage items, approved for sale during school hours, will be placed in cafeterias and sold out of the locations where students each breakfast/nutrition/lunch.

How are Food service deliveries made now?

Direct delivery to school sites, NOT to a central location.

Does each individual school accept deliveries or are they delivered to a central site?

Each school site accepts deliveries.

Are you requiring unit and case cost for Food service?

As product is sold by case only. Individual drink (unit) prices are requested on this bid. Product can still be delivered by case but the bid pricing requested is unit measurement.

Can you explain with and without incentives, as referenced for Food service prices?

Vendor may or may not choose to offer incentives in their contract with the District (example: a certain number of free cases of water each year, etc.).

Does cafeteria "use-age" reflect food service "use-age" i.e. direct delivery

Cafeteria usage and Food Service usage are the same department.

Who is billed for delivery (the district?) and what terms does they (the district) request?

The OUHSD would be billed for site usage. Site usage would be broken down and detailed on each invoice. We request terms Net 30.

Are you are seeking direct delivery of beverage for food service and vending services?

We are requesting direct delivery of beverage items to school sites and any other District location as specified in the bid document.

Is the RFP for full service vending ONLY, or does it call for Direct Deliveries to student stores or cafeterias for over the counter sales?

Full service vending

Accordingly are the estimated annual sales cases for vending ONLY, or combined vending and over the counter sales?

We sell out of the machines and in cafeterias. Our cases represent total number of cases purchased for both.

Are there any machines in any faculty rooms, not accessible to students?


Are there currently any Anti Climbing devices on any machines in your district? We are not familiar with any such device. Can you please elaborate?

The machines are placed inside a “cage” with only an opening for insertion of cash and retrieving drink. The cages have small holes that don’t allow a climber to insert a foot into any groove. These types of “cages” are required to avoid damage to machines.

RFP calls for timers to shut down machines during regular scheduled nutrition breaks and lunch times. What are the anticipated operating hours for the machines?

Operating hours would be before 7:30am and after 3:00pm

What is the average number of machines per school site? How many machines in total, district wide?

3-5 per school site.

Are there any machines in any faculty rooms, not accessible to students?

Yes, most schools only 1 – OHS has 2